Terms and conditions

Please read the following general terms and conditions carefully. By registering as a customer with easyusenet you concur with the agreement below. The easyusenet policy on acceptable use, the " Fair Use Policy" is inextricably linked to this agreement.


1. Definitions

1.1. The "Acceptance Date" is the date on which the customer registers online via the easyusenet website and accepts this agreement.

1.2. "Service" is understood to be: the possibility of gaining access to usenet via the easyusenet network or making use of the technical facilities offered by easyusenet for offering information or any other facility for the benefit of the customer in a way offered by easyusenet and agreed by the customer and easyusenet.

1.3. "Customer" is understood to be: the natural person with whom easyusenet has agreed a service agreement.

1.4. "Parties" refers jointly to easyusenet and the customer.


2. General

2.1. These general terms and conditions apply to all relations, including future ones, between easyusenet and the customer unless parties have expressly agreed to the contrary in writing.

2.2. These general terms and conditions replace any previous general terms and conditions which (may) have been drawn up by easyusenet.

2.3. Every offer made by easyusenet is completely without obligation and it can be revoked up to (14) days following receipt of the acceptance of such an offer by the customer via the withdrawal form, unless the customer has expressly renounced the right of withdrawal. The offer contains a complete and specific description of the service, the (periodic) charges and terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions are referred to in the offer.

2.4. If the customer has agreed to make use of the service within the fourteen (14) day cooling-off period, easyusenet is entitled to charge for the costs of services already provided such as administration costs, pro rata service costs and use costs.

2.5. easyusenet reserves the right to change these general terms and conditions unilaterally at any time. Changes come into effect at a point in time stated in the announcement or 30 days after the announcement if there is no other indication regarding this. If the customer does not agree with this change, it must state this in writing within 30 days of the date of announcement. The new conditions will come into force if no response is received from the customer. Changes are announced on the easyusenet website.

2.6. By registering online and accepting the general terms and conditions, the customer confirms that it is at least 18 years of age.


3. Service

3.1. The service is requested by filling in the registration page on the easyusenet website, https://www.easyusenet.nl, or in any other way indicated by easyusenet.

3.2. Once the registration for the service has been received, easyusenet will ensure that the customer has access to the service for the booked amount of data. Details of the service can be found on the easyusenet website.

3.3. The agreement between easyusenet and the customer is entered into for an indefinite period of time. Either party may cancel the service agreement at any time in writing (including email) or by telephone. Governed by these general terms and conditions, upon cancelation the customer will remain having access to the service until the entire remaining data has been used up.

3.4. If the customer does not meet one or more of its obligations, including but not limited to the meeting of its financial obligations towards easyusenet, or fails to meet them thoroughly or completely, easyusenet is entitled to terminate the service agreement with immediate effect and/or deny access to the service partially or completely or block it temporarily.

3.5. easyusenet reserves the right to deny the access and to terminate the customer service agreement at any time with immediate effect without further notification of default or legal intervention particularly in the event of:

3.5.1. The customer acting in contravention of article 5 of these general terms and conditions;

3.5.2. Bankruptcy or suspension of payments is applied for or declared by the customer or application of the Natural Persons Debt Rescheduling Act is applied for or declared;

3.5.3. The customer is legally incapacitated, placed in administration or loses free management of its capital in some way;

3.5.4. easyusenet can no longer provide a service for technical reasons. easyusenet will inform the customer about this as quickly as possible.


4. Charges

4.1. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the current prices and fees communicated by easyusenet on its website apply to all relations between easyusenet and the customer. The information concerning the applicable charges will be sent to the customer on request.

4.2. easyusenet is entitled to change the prices of its products and services unilaterally. If possible the customer will be informed of this in writing (including email) 10 days before the changes come into effect.


5. Payment

5.1. Depending on what the parties have agreed, the service payments must be paid in advance for the whole data the customer wishes to use. If easyusenet has not received any payment from the customer or the payment has been reversed, a reminder is sent which must be understood as a notification of default. If the payment remains outstanding after a reasonable period as stated in the reminder, the customer is deemed to be in default. The customer cannot make any appeal for withholding, reduction or compensation.

5.2. easyusenet only accepts payments via the payment methods stated on the easyusenet website. Direct debit is one of the payment methods. By entering into this agreement, the customer permits easyusenet to deduct service payments from the account indicated via direct debit.

5.3. If the customer has provided a direct debit authorization, it will also ensure that sufficient funds are present in the bank or giro account designated for the direct debit.

5.4. If the customer has defaulted in the way stated in section 1 of this article or has failed to meet one or more of its obligations in the agreement or these general terms and conditions, then all reasonable extra judicial collection costs will be met by the customer, without prejudice to the consequences which the law may attach to such shortcomings.

5.5. The payments made by the customer will initially always be used to meet any interest payments and costs which are overdue and secondly for payment of claimable invoices which have been awaiting payment for the longest period of time. This does not change if the customer states that the payment is linked to a later invoice.


6. Obligations of the customer

6.1. The customer guarantees that all information provided to easyusenet in whatever way is complete, accurate and up to date.

6.2. The customer is compelled to take heed of all obligations, instructions and restrictions stated by easyusenet.

6.3. The customer must conduct itself in line with the applicable legislation and regulations and must observe a level of care which may be deemed appropriate for a customer in relation to the service. The customer will also make every possible effort to ensure that the interests of easyusenet are not affected adversely while using the service.

6.4. The customer is not in any way permitted to use the service or have the service used for illegal actions and/or the commitment of criminal offences. Among other things the customer guarantees that:

6.4.1. It will not violate the intellectual property rights of easyusenet or third parties in accordance with article 7of the general terms and conditions;

6.4.2. It will not use the service to harm the rights of third parties, including harassing, abusing and threatening other parties or disseminating hatred;

6.4.3. It will not send large quantities of unsolicited reports with the same or with similar content (spam) in accordance with article 8 of the general terms and conditions;

6.4.4. It will not misuse any access codes or break through the security linked to the service;

6.4.5. It will not pass itself off as another person;

6.4.6. It will not disseminate any child pornography or other illegal pornography in accordance with article 9.2 of the general terms and conditions;

6.4.7. It will not disseminate any viruses or other files which could damage the service of easyusenet or the property of third parties.

6.5. The customer may only use the service for non-commercial purposes unless agreements to the contrary have been made with easyusenet. The customer is not permitted to link a network or other users, whether within its own organisation or not, with (parts of) the easyusenet service in any way without the express permission of easyusenet.

6.6. If the customer contravenes the above sections of this article or easyusenet suspects that contravention has occurred, easyusenet is entitled to take measures such as suspending the obligation to provide the service. In that case the customer cannot make any claim for return of payments made in advance or any claim for compensation.


7. Intellectual property

7.1. It is prohibited to offer products which infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties via the service at any time. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the legal status of the intellectual property rights before a report is made available via the easyusenet service.

7.2. There is a possibility that copyright or intellectual property rights may be attached to data which is available via the network. easyusenet does not monitor the information which is placed on the usenet network.

7.3. The customer safeguards easyusenet against any claims of third parties to compensation for damage or loss which these third parties could recover from easyusenet in any way, especially in relation to damage or loss linked to infringements of intellectual property rights of third parties, but not limited to these.

7.4. The customer agrees not to violate the Copyright Act by sending works to which copyright is attached via the easyusenet service or having these works sent or stored without the permission of the copyright holder. If a customer uploads material to which copyright is attached without the consent of the copyright holder, easyusenet reserves the right to suspend the report and to terminate the service agreement.


8. Spam & Flooding

8.1. easyusenet does not tolerate the sending of spam in any way and it takes far-reaching measures to prevent the presence of spam via the service as much as possible. easyusenet operates a zero tolerance policy where spam is concerned. Although many types of material can be defined as spam, easyusenet does not permit any commercial advertising for products or services. You will find more information about material which easyusenet deems inappropriate in the policy for fair use.

8.2. If a large number of articles are posted without any useful purpose for others or with the clear intention of interfering with a news group or disturbing the use of the news group for others, easyusenet will deem this to be "flooding". easyusenet places this misuse in the DoS (Denial of Service) category and it is regarded as a serious abuse of the service.

8.3. Once it has been established that flooding has taken place, easyusenet is entitled to take measures such as suspension of the obligation to provide a service, but not limited to this. In that case the customer cannot make any claim for return of payments made in advance or any claim for compensation.


9. Controversial & explicit material

9.1. easyusenet is not in any way responsible for the content of the communication of the customer via the easyusenet service. While using the service, the customer has access to and may be exposed to materials which it may deem offensive on occasion. Examples of this include sexually explicit text and (coded) images, debates between supporters and opponents of certain religions, dubious political opinions and hateful statements. easyusenet renounces any liability for any damage which results from exposure to such material, including (but not restricted to) offence, defamation and disseminating hatred.

9.2. easyusenet will not tolerate its customers committing offences in relation to the possession or dissemination of child pornography in whatever form. If such offences are established, easyusenet will report this to the police immediately and block access to the network for the customer.


10. Security and personal data

10.1. easyusenet processes personal data from customers when providing the service on the basis of this agreement. These data are recorded in the easyusenet administration, which is only used for administrative purposes and within the framework of implementation of the agreement. easyusenet observes the applicable legislation and regulations regarding protection of privacy, in particular the Personal Data Protection Act and the Telecommunications Act. These data will not be made public or passed on to third parties for other purposes without the consent of the customer or a court order.

10.2. easyusenet ensures that it takes appropriate measures to keep personal data secure. Personal data are not kept for any longer than is necessary for effective conduct of business or than is legally obligatory. easyusenet will not be held liable for any damage or loss to customers or third parties as a consequence of the easyusenet security policy.

10.3. If the customer notices or suspects that third parties have gained access to the easyusenet network via its personal user account in an improper way, it must report this to easyusenet immediately in writing (including via email). Rather than easyusenet, the customer is responsible for the use of its user account at all times and liable for any damage or loss which has resulted from an improper use of the service of this nature.

10.4. The customer recognises and accepts that the information that it provided for payment of the booked data amount to easyusenet may be used by easyusenet and provided to companies who carry out work at easyusenet' request with the sole objective of checking creditworthiness, effecting payment to easyusenet and/or facilitating the account of the customer.


11. Emergencies

11.1. In emergencies where easyusenet deems it reasonable, easyusenet is entitled to make changes in relation to the service provided by easyusenet with or without giving prior notice to the customer, or to take other (temporary) measures which easyusenet deems necessary at that moment in order to guarantee the continuity of the service. The customer will be informed about this as quickly as possible.

11.2. easyusenet is not liable for any damage or costs borne by the customer as a result of the measures referred to in section 1 of this article. If such measures are taken, the customer is not entitled to withdraw from its obligations unilaterally.


12. Force majeure

12.1. easyusenet is not liable if a failure to meet its obligations towards the customer is the result of circumstances for which it cannot be held accountable. These include, but are not restricted to, failure of the electricity supply or other faults for which easyusenet cannot be blamed, international conflicts, industrial unrest among easyusenet staff or third parties which provide services to easyusenet, boycotts or measures taken by any government or authority.


13. Liability

13.1. easyusenet is not liable for direct and/or indirect damage or loss suffered by the customer as a consequence of an (accountable) shortcoming in fulfilling any agreement or any other obligation of easyusenet towards the customer which is not due to malicious intent or gross negligence on the part of easyusenet. The liability is in any case restricted to direct damage to business and direct damage due to death or injury and at the most it will amount to a sum equal to the sum which easyusenet has received for the services provided, with a maximum of 4,500.

13.2. easyusenet is not liable for any indirect damage or loss, including but not limited to consequential damage or loss, damage to reputation or goodwill and financial losses including but not limited to loss of turnover, profits, contracts, trade or expected savings. easyusenet is not bound to payment of compensation for damage or loss as a consequence of failure and/or inaccessibility of the internet, trading loss, damage or loss caused by the leakage of confidential data, damage or loss caused by electronic payment or damage or loss resulting from claims of third parties towards the customer.

13.3. easyusenet is not liable for damage or loss on the part of the customer which is caused by third parties which may or may not be making use of the easyusenet service.

13.4. The customer safeguards easyusenet from all claims of third parties in connection with use of the service by the customer and/or unsatisfactory fulfilment by the customer of any obligation towards easyusenet, whether emanating from these general terms and conditions or not.

13.5. The customer is at all times liable for the consequences of shortcomings in the performance of easyusenet towards third parties which are caused by or as a result of conduct of the customer.


14. Confidentiality

14.1. easyusenet and the customer will never provide confidential information concerning the other party to third parties or make it public without the prior written (including email) consent of the other party. The passwords of the customer will be treated as confidential information. The customer alone is responsible for maintaining the secrecy of these passwords and preventing (illegal) use of them by a third party.

14.2. Confidential information is in any case understood to be the dealings and communications of the customer and any other information concerning easyusenet which has not yet been made public and which was considered to be confidential at the time it was made available to the customer by easyusenet.

14.3. Confidential information does not include information which is already in the public domain, which has been developed independently without access to the other party's confidential information, which was legally obtained from a third party or which had to be made public on the basis of a legal stipulation or a court order.


15. Final stipulations

15.1. A time limit of one year applies for all claims of the customer towards easyusenet from the point in time when the claim originated. Interruption of the limitation occurs in accordance with general legal regulations.

15.2. Arrangements and/or possible undertakings by or on behalf of easyusenet after the agreement has come into force only bind easyusenet if it has confirmed them in writing.

15.3. Without the prior (written) consent of easyusenet, the customer is not permitted to transfer any rights and obligations as a result of these general terms and conditions and any agreement with easyusenet.

15.4. easyusenet is entitled to transfer the rights and obligations from the agreement (in full or in part) to a third party or to contract them out without the prior (written) consent of the customer.

15.5. If a stipulation from the general terms and conditions is partially or fully contrary to a legal stipulation or is null and void, then these terms and conditions will continue to apply with the exception of that one stipulation. The stipulation which has been rendered null and void will be replaced by a stipulation which comes as close as legally possible to the sense which the parties reasonably wished to assign to this agreement at the point in time when the agreement was made.

15.6. Changes in the authorisation of the customer, of its representatives or powers of attorney will only come into force with regard to easyusenet once easyusenet has been informed of this in writing.

15.7. The customer is obliged to inform easyusenet of any change in (email) address in writing or by email without delay. If easyusenet has to contact the customer in writing, it is discharged of any responsibility if it directs the communication to the last address which the customer provided in writing.

15.8. Dutch law applies to relations between the customer and easyusenet. Disputes between the customer and easyusenet are brought to the competent court in [Amsterdam] unless legislation or international conventions prescribe otherwise.

Effective Date August 2016