Frequently asked questions

Administrative matters

How can I pay for easyusenet?
You can pay us right now using Mollie: iDeal, Bancontact/Mister Cash, Creditcard, NL, BE, DE bank transfers and one off authorization via the payment service Multisafepay. Your payment will therefore also be processed immediately (with the exception of the one off authorization).

Will my account be active immediately?
Yes, your account will be active within a few minutes.

My personal details (including my email address) have changed; how can I notify you of this?
You can amend your personal details yourself in the ‘Customer’ [klant] section.

Does easyusenet operate with contracts?
No, we operate on a pre-paid system. You pay upfront for the period in which you wish to use easyusenet (minimum 1 month). After this time, your account will lapse automatically, so customers will never have to deal with surprises at a later date. Should you wish to use your account again after this time, you can continue your existing account by logging onto the website.

Technical matters

Can I access easyusenet from several locations at the same time?
Depending on your subscription, it is possible to log in from several locations.

What hostname do I need to use?
You can connect to our easyusenet server using the hostname:

Which ports can I use to connect to the server?
You can connect to the server using the standard port 119 and port 80. For SSL you can use port 563.

Can I use SSL?
Of course! You can use SSL with easyusenet too; this uses port 563.

What newsreader is recommended?
With easyusenet, you are free to use any newsreader of your choice.We recommend the following clients for your usenet-experience:
Grabit, Spotnet, Altbinz, SABnzb, Holmez, NZBGet.
If you want to get more information about these newsreaders, please check our "Newsreader" section below.

How many connections (threads) can I use?
The number of threads differs depending on the package; you can find details of this on the details pages.

How many days retention does easyusenet have?
We currently have 1100+ days retention in binary groups.

Is there a limit on your Unlimited accounts?
See the details pages to find out if there is a limit on your chosen subscription.

Can I post messages via easyusenet too?
Yes you can! Your messages are placed on the server anonymously; your IP address is therefore never given in the messages.

How can I post messages using easyusenet?
You can do this using

Is there any limit on the number of messages you can post?
No, there are no limits on the number of messages you can post.

How many groups does easyusenet pass on?
We pass on all the available usenet groups; there are currently more than 150,000 of these groups!

Can I share my account with someone else?
We do not allow accounts to be shared by more than one person; accounts are strictly personal.

What does the message "Too many connections for your user" mean?
This message means that you have tried to connect to the server again too quickly after the connection had been lost. If you spend a few minutes disconnecting all the connections and then connecting them again, everything should work fine, assuming that you have properly established the maximum number of connections (threads) for your type of account.


What do I do if I’ve forgotten my username and/or password?
Click on "Login" in the left hand menu on the website. Enter your email address via the "Forgotten Login details" link and your details will be sent to you via email. This email will be in your inbox within a few minutes..

I enjoyed the trial account; how can I sign up?
You can extend/convert your account to a paid account by logging onto the Customer section.

How can I contact you if I have any questions?
When you log on in the Customer section, you can create support tickets for any questions you may have.


GrabIt (Windows)
When you are an advanced user who is looking for his own nzb's you may want to use GrabIt.GrabIt allows you to set up multiple servers to make the most of usenet.

Spotnet (Windows)
When you are a beginner in using newsgroups we recommend Spotnet.Spotnet is a very user-friendly program that allows you to search and download at the same time.Setting up the server is a breeze. Therefore it is really recommended for new users.

SABnzbd (Windows, macOS, Linux)
You don't have a Windows computer but you would still like to download? That is possible with SABnzbd!SABnzbd runs on many platforms and is therefore highly suitable for MacOS and Linux systems.

Holmez (Windows, Android)
With Holmez it is also possible to download with your Android phone or tablet.Perfect for smaller files and when you are on the road. Holmez also has a built-in search engine.